Meetings Suck.

Run them better with MeetingHelm.
Meetings won't go away. But most are worse than bad.

MeetingHelm helps you turn the bad meetings into good ones, and automate away the ones you don't need.

How much did your last meeting cost?


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How does MeetingHelm help?

Smart Meeting Planning

Simple tools for planning meetings, with templates for different formats

Automated Pre-Read

Automatically share notes and documents with decision makers pre-meeting

Actions and Outcome Tracking

Log and follow up on actions to track real business outcomes

But, I Can Manage That Myself in...


G Suite

You could...

But, if your business is using hundreds or thousands of hours per year just for the actual meeting time (let alone everything that goes around it) - that is a waste of time, resource, and effort.

We integrate with Outlook and G Suite to make managing meetings faster, simpler, and more effective.

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for up to 50 users

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